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Gamersheek Trade-In

Trade-In & Save at Gamersheek!

This works in the same manner as a our shopping basket. Once you have found the items you wish to trade-in, add the quantity to the quantity box and click the link “Add to List”. The items will then display on the right hand side. Once you have finished selecting the items you wish to trade-in, press the Submit Buy-list button and the buy-list will be sent to us. If you need to review what you have submitted, you can do this through the “my account” screen, where you can view your submitted buy-lists The next step is you will be sent an email from us with the details of where to send the buy-list. We may also need to ask you some questions about the items you wish to trade-in, and we will do so here. When you receive this update please print it out and include it in your parcel. The final step is to then send us your items!

Please note that we can only accept the following items in multiples:

Video Games - 2
Console Accessories - 2
Consoles - 1
Figures - 2

Once the buy-list is finalised and agreed we will arrange payment. We offer store credit for you to spend at any time, our credit does not have any time frames and can be used at any time. If you would rather a cash payment, we will use Paypal or Bank Transfer, please note that the cash price will always be lower than the store credit value.

Sending us your parcel

Here at Gamersheek we can accept items that are not in mint condition, however condition is very important on our buylists. If we receive items that are in poor condition, we will offer a reduced value. Sending in damaged condition items will result in your items being rejected and sent back to you at your expense.

Making sure that your items are in acceptable condition BEFORE you send them in helps us to expedite your buylist and process them much faster.

The return of a rejected buylist will cost vary depending on the size of the buylist! Please do not send in damaged condition items as it wastes both your time and ours.

Items will be checked for condition and quality upon arrival by our experts who have years of video game & console trade-in experience between them. No monies will be paid out until they have checked every individual individual product by hand. The decisions of our experts are final.

Once you are sure that all the items are in good condition you need to check that the parcel is secure and well packaged. We would recommend that you send valuable goods in cardboard boxes and packed very well.

We reserve the right to refuse any buy list orders at our discretion.

We strongly recommend you use a tracked method of posting to ensure your cards arrive safely. Signed for or Special Delivery by Royal Mail will give you some insurance. You may wish to consult the Royal Mail for guidance on whether your package will be a large letter, letter or Packet. Your local post office should be able to help you before you send the cards to us and will be able to advise on the appropriate service to ensure your cards are adequately insured.

Large Parcels : For large collections we can arrange for our courier to call at a convenient time and collect your cards from you. Should you wish to take us up on this offer, please let us know and we will arrange a quotation.

We would subtract the freight charge from the final payment.