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Hatsune Miku Character Vocal Series 01 Hatsune Miku figma Snow Miku Crane Priestess ver.

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The 2018 Priestess Snow Miku joins the figma series, dancing with the snow!

2018 marks the 9th anniversary of Snow Miku, and the 2018 design was once again selected by fans through online votes between a selection of outfits all submitted to piapro by fans! This year the theme was "Animals of Winter Hokkaido", and the winning Snow Miku design was this version based on a red-crowned crane illustrated by Taichadon! The illustration has now been converted into this figma together with Rabbit Yukine who even holds a Shinto staff!

  • She comes with three expressions including a calm standard face, a gentle smiling face as well as a face with closed eyes as if in prayer.
  • Various items that match the priestess theme are included: a kagura bell, a folding fan, a Shinto staff and a tamagushi.
  • Her hood can be removed allowing for an different appearance.
  • An alternate lower body part and alternate coat part are included to display her kneeling.
  • An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.

***Please note that all figma purchases at MCM Comic-Con London October 2018 will come with a free gift of an Umbrella accessory for your figma***

Product Name
figma Snow Miku: Crane Priestess ver.
Character Vocal Series 01: Hatsune Miku
Max Factory
Release Date
Painted ABS&PVC non-scale articulated figure with stand included. Approximately 145mm in height.
Max Factory
Masaki Apsy
Released By
Max Factory
Distributed By
Good Smile Company
  • Please note that images shown may differ from the final product.
  • Paintwork is done partially by hand and therefore final products may vary.
  • Images shown here may differ from the final product.
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