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Asian & European Release Dates

When shopping with Gamersheek or Urutora, we want to make this the best experience possible.

As the only official Good Smile Company Partner Shop in the UK we offer two different release dates for the majority of products from Good Smile, from Nendoroids to Scale Figures we give you the best options the the best prices available!

Asian Release Date - This is where we fly the stock in, this means that 90-95% of the time you will get it at nearly the same time as the Japanese retailers will get it, no need to wait no need to worry about Import Tax, Handling Charges or any other fees, with Gamersheek & Urutora the price you see if the price you pay for ALL UK Orders!

European Release Date - This is where we put our stock on a boat, this takes around 35 days to get to the UK and depending on docking schedules and unloading it is usually delivered to our warehouse within 5 days of unloading, this means it can be anything between 6 to 8 weeks slower than the Asian Release Date, however this can be around 10% cheaper for the customer than the Asian Release Date!

The only difference between the 2 dates is the shipping method that we use to bring the stock over to the UK, it is the exact same stock, we just split down the stock allocations and allocate the stock accordingly, and as the ONLY UK Retailer to have this agreement no other UK retailer orders from the official suppliers and gets air freight for their stock, all UK & EU suppliers use sea freight to bring their stock in, this is why all other retailers have the same release dates!